Aged Care in Victoria

The Aged Care System in Victoria

This section provides an overview of the key elements of the government funded aged care system in Victoria and outlines major services available for older people.

Aged care in Victoria can be divided into five major service types:

·       Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS)

·       Home Care Packages

·       Residential Care

·       Services for Carers and Respite Care

·       Victorian Home and Community Care (HACC)

            (transitioning to Commonwealth Home Support Program)

The current aged care services in Victoria are either subsidised by the Commonwealth Government (e.g. Home Care Packages, Residential Aged Care) or jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments (e.g. HACC and ACAS).

In May 2013, the Prime Minister and Victorian Premier signed the Heads of Agreement between the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments on the National Disability Insurance Scheme. As part of this agreement, the Commonwealth will take full funding and administration responsibility for Victorian HACC services for people aged 65 years and over (and 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) under the new Commonwealth Home Support Program.

The Victorian Government will continue to fund and manage HACC services for people aged under 65.  After the transition, most aged care programs and policies in Victoria will be designed and administered by the Commonwealth Government.

The Australian Government established My Aged Care to assist individuals to navigate the aged care system. My Aged Care consists of the My Aged Care website and a national contact centre. For more information about My Aged Care, please visit:

For aged care services available in Victoria and for HACC transition updates, please access the Victorian Department of Health’s website at: